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Need a healthy alternative for your daily meal or snack? NutriSport & Smoothie Downtown in Cedar Rapids, IA has you covered. We're a local healthy restaurant with options to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

We use fresh fruits and vegetables for our meals and smoothies. And all meals are made to order so you can breathe easy knowing your food is fresh.

Find us on GrubHub and Door Dash. Our all-natural restaurant also offers special discounts to veterans and local gyms.

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We'll help you stay on track

The hardest part about sticking to a healthy lifestyle is finding delicious options when you're hungry and in a rush. Let NutriSport & Smoothie Downtown in Cedar Rapids, IA help keep you on track. Our local healthy restaurant offers food and supplement options so you can order on the go without the guilt.

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Visit NutriSport & Smoothie Downtown today for your next healthy meal or snack. Residents of Cedar Rapids, IA love to order our:

Whether you're looking for a sweet follow-up to your workout or need a healthy lunch option, our all-natural restaurant is the place to be.

Are you a veteran or a gym owner? Ask us about our special discounts.

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Discover the power of all-natural dining

NutriSport & Smoothie Downtown, your local healthy restaurant in Cedar Rapids, IA, is committed to providing delicious and nutritious meals made with only the finest ingredients. As an all-natural restaurant, we take pride in offering a wide variety of fresh, wholesome dishes that support your health and well-being.

Eating all-natural foods at our local healthy restaurant will:

Boost your energy levels with unprocessed, nutrient-dense meals
Strengthen your immune system with high-quality, natural ingredients
Provide delicious flavors from locally sourced, organic produce

Ready to embrace the benefits of all-natural dining? Come to our all-natural restaurant to learn more about our menu options.